Go See Bri Pruett at Bridgetown Comedy Festival

Hilarious indeed, nice touch and good luck!

The Tusk

15375930408_e44f3e1eff_o Photo by Pat Moran

Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival starts on May 8 and it’s going to be awesome. We know that because we’ve been interviewing some of the comics and they are funny and great and you’re going to love them. First up: Bri Pruett of Portland, who kindly submitted to an email interview.

The Tusk: I saw you last year in the Portland’s Funniest Person finals and you were hilarious. I loved your local humor and especially your Blazer’s jokes. I personally think you were robbed. That’s not a question–I just wanted to tell you that.

Bri Pruett: Bless you. I’ll be competing again this year. Do your part, make a sign.

The Tusk: Who is your favorite Blazer currently? Have you ever done any of your Blazers jokes in front of a Blazer? Which Blazer would you most like to bone (fuck sounds so crass and I mean…

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