High Apple Pie

“I’m not sure I always understand human stories every time.” —-So do I. SAD!

Sweet Talk

Of old. my people have divided the clouds by altitude. Near the ground we have fog. Many people don’t know it, but fog is actually a cloud called a “stratus” cloud. Stratus clouds can be higher than ground level, but not always. The other major type of low-altitude cloud is “cumulus” which are the puffy clouds you see in old storybook illustrations. Stratocumulus are a combination of the two: thin like stratus, but puffy on top like cumulus. In the middle range are the alto clouds: the altocumulus and the altostratus clouds that are wispier than the low-altitude clouds. These are the ones that give you haze in the summer. Up at the tippy-top are the high-altitude cirrus clouds, the cirrocumulus herringbone clouds and the wispy pure cirruses and the bad omen cirrostratus that make halos around the sun and the moon. Crossing the layers are the nimbus clouds, and…

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