The Official Tusk 2015 Summer Movie Outrage Forecast

I want to see the avengers so much.

The Tusk


Since the advent of SOCIAL MEDIA, the summer movie season has increasingly presented theatergoers with an interesting choice—to accept that political ideology is an inadequate framework for the complexities of the human character or to live in a constant state of outrage. Which way you end up swinging is up to you, but this handy guide should give you a heads up of what the Internet is going to look like between now and September either way.


Hot Pursuit

Premise: Reese Witherspoon is a bumbling cop, Sophia Vergara is a sexy criminal, and they’re stuck with each other.

Outrage Potential: High.

Cause: Vergara plays the widow of a drug dealer, which should raise the ire of anyone who thinks a Columbian involved in the drug trade is a hurtful stereotype. Witherspoon’s cop character is bumbling and has something to prove, because of course a female cop would be a…

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