Do you want to live forever?

Everybody want to live forever, but nobody did.

Why Evolution Is True

I’m reading over old “Ask Me Anything” threads to prepare for my own reddit event next week, and have looked in on the discussions that Steve Pinker and Dawkins had with the group. (Oy—Pinker answers questions in perfectly formed and disgustingly cogent paragraphs!).

But at Steve’s discussion, one commenter said something interesting:

“True Story — I had dinner with Pinker and asked him this question as he got up to go: ‘If you could live forever would you do it?’, he paused am moment then said ‘Yes’. I asked him if he worried that his mind would reach some capacity, if he might become trapped in an endless cycle. He said ‘that’s what Iphones are for’.”

That’s typical Pinker humor, but I suspect he really does crave immortality. So do I. I’m glad to find a kindred spirit here, because, as I recall, few readers on this site have said…

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