Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic warehouse    

The benefits of the automatic warehouse is obvious: it can fasten the processing speed, improve the accuracy degree, reduce the power cost and improve the dependability to make full use of the space.

Automation to speed up the processing speed, improve accuracy and reduce power cost, and improve the reliability, to reach the warehouse and more effective use of space. But, all of these can not be achieved freely. Automation need expensive costs. Only by controlling the Foldable Stacker Racks will we can recoup the investments.

Generally speaking, AS/RS can transport about 40 or 50 layers per hour in one way. It is concerned with the factors of height and width of the way, the physical properties of the tray and the distance between the space of the high shelves and the low shelves.

Light shelves is used for storing the containers. It can access 80-100 containers per hour by automation. Moreover, we can further improve the operating speed of it by using other special equipment. If the equipment and physical characteristics of the products permitting and there is a need for increasing the amount of the products, it is possible to carrying more than two carriers at the same time.

Pallet Racking Accessories can complete 20000times sorting in an hour. But what is necessary for you to note is that processing speed and objects is closely related to the size, weight,and the features of the objects. Although it is difficult to judge exactly the range of the RF(Radio Frequency) terminal’s influence in the improvement of warehouse operation, the improvements can be easily noticed and the pickers get more supervision so that they can sort more precisely. Besides, in the process of sorting, we can also obtain more real – time information.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, some other reasons for why we are in favor of the Warehouse Storage Racks are the followings:

Reducing the injuries and damages;

Improving the company’s image;

Reducing the dependence on operators,especially in the special periods that the operators are in shortage.

However, some disadvantages of it also existed:

The lack of flexibility in the changeable cargo throughput and kinds;

Lengthy project implementation period;

Service’s degradation in the processing of project implementation, etc..


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